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Personnel Associates, Inc. recruits high performing candidates for positions in Risk Management and Insurance.

Our success is based upon:

Excellent Research

Recruiting is a ‘who do you know’ business and we know a lot of great people. We start your recruiting assignments with our database of 11,000 insurance professionals coast to coast. This means a faster response to your request.

Our research capabilities enable us to develop new candidates in any location. Our techniques are pro-active (headhunting) which results in high performing candidates versus reactive (advertising) which usually produces average performers.

Great Recruiting

We constantly study the motivational factors influencing career decisions. We use this knowledge when persuading high performers who are happy in their present jobs to consider your career alternative and accept your job offer.

Superior Candidates

We only refer candidates who have the technical skills, business knowledge and personal abilities needed in today’s business environment.

We understand the issues and practices effecting the insurance industry. We subscribe to business publications, trade journals and internet new services. This allows us to identify the traits of high performing people and organizations.

Outstanding Service

Because we do not over-commit our time we are able to respond quickly to your urgent need for highly qualified candidates.

Our logical, service-based fee format is fair to both parties. You select the level of service you need at the corresponding fee. Our highest service level has our lowest fee. When we accept a retainer we consider it a point of honor that we successfully complete our obligation.

Telephone calls, e-mails and text messages are promptly answered. Our communications are accurate, concise, and free from hyperbole.

Our candidates are better prepared for interviews with you. They have been briefed on your company, your culture and the information you require to make a hiring decision.

We facilitate the recruiting process with feedback, timely reminders, negotiation of offers and prevention of counteroffers. Our training, experience and third party role gives credibility to our advice.

We apply our manual of Best Practices to every step in the process.

Every month we provide our client hiring managers and human resource professionals information on organizational development topics written in a concise, easy to read style.



We look forward to working with you.

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